How Batteries Work

How Batteries Work


In this activity, you will build your own battery. Before you do, explore the resources below to learn more about batteries.


Begin by visiting How Batteries Work on the How Stuff Works website. Review the sections called “battery basics,” “battery chemistry,” and “battery reactions.” Answer the following questions in your science notebook or journal. You will discuss your answers with the class.

  • What are the two terminals of a battery, and which way do electrons flow?
  • Where might we see the same reactions that occur in batteries in our daily lives?

Now go to the Lemon Battery experiment on the Hila Science Camp site, where you will read about the Lemon Battery Experiment. After you have reviewed the experiment and procedures, perform the experiment yourself using the Lemon Battery student sheet.

Knowledge Check

Think about the lemon battery that you built and tested. Answer these questions in your science journal:

  • What role does the lemon itself play in the battery?
  • Which of the following fruits would make good electrolytes, and which would not: bananas, limes, tomatoes? Explain your answers.

This esheet is a part of the The Transfer of Energy 2: Electrochemistry lesson.

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