Hive Detectives

Hive Detectives


This lesson will help you learn more about the importance of honeybees and the devastating impact of colony collapse disorder. Use the resources on this sheet to learn more about honeybees, why they're decreasing in number, and how you can develop an action plan to help them.



You've read the part about inspecting a beehive in The Hive Detectives. Now, as an optional activity, you can watch this Beekeeping Honey Bee Hive Inspection video to further your understanding. 

After reading pages 26–27 and 49–55 in the book, watch How to Extract Honey from a Honeycomb. Answer thse questions on your Understanding Honeybee Hives student sheet:

  • What is the difference between pollen and nectar? 
  • Who carries pollen and nectar to the hive? 
  • Where is nectar stored in the honeybee carrying it to the hive?
  • Once it arrives in the hive, where does the nectar go?
  • At what percentage of water content is the nectar considered ripe honey by the bees?
  • Why do bees produce honey?

Once you've finished reading the book, watch Why Bees Are Disappearing, a 16-minute TedX talk. Answer these questions on your student sheet:

  • What are some of the interacting challenges impacting honeybees today?
  • What are two things that each of us can do now to help honey bees?

Action Plan Research

Use these resources to help you develop your action plan for planting bee-friendly wildflowers on your Planting a Bee-Friendly Garden student sheet.

1. Follow the directions from How Much Seed Do I Need? to determine the square footage of the area in which you are proposing to plant your bee-friendly wildflowers. You can record your findings on your student sheet.

2. Now deterime the type of flower coverage your team would like: a lush stand, an average display, or scattered flowers like a meadow. You'll need to follow the ratios on the same page to determine how many pounds of wildflower seed you need to achieve the desired flower coverage. 

3. Go to Choose Your Region to get a selection of wildflower seeds for your region. Use this to help determine the cost of your seed mixture on your student sheet.

This esheet is a part of the The Hive Detectives lesson.

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