Got Broccoli?

Got Broccoli?


Congratulations! You have been hired by the School Cafeteria Workers Association to create an advertisement that encourages kids to eat healthy foods—specifically, vegetables. This could be a tough job, for as you know, many people prefer the fancy advertisements and taste of foods with lower nutritional values. But you can change that.


Choose a vegetable. Then, using the resources listed, investigate it.

You can start learning about its nutritional value by using the Food Facts page on the Dole site. Scroll through the alphabetical list of foods until you find the vegetable you want to study. Read the brief paragraph for that vegetable to get some general information about it.

To learn more about the nutrients in your vegetable and how they contribute to good health, go to one or more of these links:

Fruits & Veggies Matter: Vegetable Nutrition Database (many of the vegetables also include links to videos on how to select, store, or prepare them)

MyPlate Guide


Learning About Proteins

Learning About Calories

Learning About Carbohydrates

Learning About Fats

Knowledge Check

Create an advertisement that "wows" your audience with all you've learned about your vegetable's nutrients. In other words, create an advertisement that is based on factual nutritional information, but still incorporates the "pizzazz" of an attention-getting advertisement. Remember: you want to get kids to forget junk food and eat vegetables! They just might do this if they know how good vegetables are for them - so let them know.

Present your advertisement to the representatives from the School Cafeteria Workers Association; aka, your classmates. Be prepared to answer any questions they might have regarding the claims in your advertisement.

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