First Nine Months

First Nine Months


In this lesson, you will explore human development using Internet resources that contain text, drawings, photos, and video about human development.


First, go to Basic Embryology Review Program: Overview Movie to view the development of a human fetus from conception to its state at nine months. Think about your answer to these questions as you view the movie once:

  • Is the development of a human fetus presented in this movie different from what you believed happened to a fetus during pregnancy?
  • If it is different, what did you think took place?

View the movie a second time. As you are viewing the movie again, consider these questions and write your answers in your science journal:

  • What appears to happen almost immediately after fertilization of the egg?
  • What happens to the appearance of the fertilized egg as it develops?
  • What parts of the body seem to develop first?
  • What does the fetus look like in the early stages of development?
  • At what point in the movie do you first recognize the fetus as being human?

Now you and your group will study a particular trimester of pregnancy assigned to you by your teacher, becoming the class “experts” on this particular set of three months. To do this, make use of the resources found at the Fetal Development: See how your baby grows site. Be sure to take notes from your research in your science journals.

Use these questions to help guide you in your research:

  • What body features, if any, have formed during the three months you are studying?
  • What is happening to the cells of the fetus?
  • What organs, if any, have formed?
  • How long is the fetus? How much does the fetus weigh?
  • What senses, if any, have developed?

Knowledge Check

Create a timeline featuring the nine months of pregnancy, dividing the timeline into three sections (for the three trimesters of pregnancy). List the major developments that occur during each of the trimesters, using the knowledge you have gained during this lesson. When you are done you will share your work with the rest of the class.

This esheet is a part of the What Happens in the First Nine Months? lesson.

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