Farm Machines


You have been learning about important farm machines and how they help farmers grow and harvest crops. Now you will get the chance to learn more about some of the machines that are used around a farm.


Learn more about farm machines by going through the Farm Machines slide show on this page.

When you’re done reading, see if you can answer these questions with a partner.

  • What farm machine can be used to do many different jobs? Why?
  • Which machine is used to turn up the soil?
  • Which machine helps to plant seeds? How big can it get?
  • Which machine helps gather crops?
  • What if farmers didn’t have all of these machines to use? How would they farm?

Knowledge Check

Imagine that you have been hired by Farm Machines USA, Inc. The company has chosen your class to create colorful posters that advertise their new line of farm machines—the Big Tractor, the Powerful Plow, the Cutting Combine, and the Weed Cultivator.

Make a poster that displays a machine in a big and bright way. Include the name of the machine and how it can help farmers grow crops.

When finished, present your poster to the class. Compare and discuss your poster with those of other students. Be prepared to discuss these questions:

  • Which farm machine do you think is the most important to farmers?
  • What would farmers do if they did not have a _______ (machine)?
  • How do farm machines help farmers and people like you and me?

This esheet is a part of the Farming 1: Farm Machines lesson.

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