Energy Busters

Energy Busters Photo Credit: Clipart.com


The resources on this sheet will help you learn more about what energy is, where energy comes from, and how it's used.


Begin by going to What is Energy? This article looks at the varied ways energy is used.

Come up with an example for each type of energy used.

Now go to Saving Energy, which looks at energy conservation. As you read this resource, think about your answers to these questions. You can record your answers on your Energy Busters student sheet:

  • Were there new ways listed to conserve energy? What were they?
  • Do any of the conservation strategies seem easy to do? Which ones?
  • Do any of the conservation strategies seem difficult to do? Which ones?
  • Did any conservation strategies seem unrealistic? Why?
  • Would the people in your household agree with your ideas? Why or why not?

This esheet is a part of the Energy Busters: Home Energy Conservation lesson.

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