El Nino

El Nino


You may have heard of El Niño before. But, do you know what it has to do with how the atmosphere and oceans affect one another? Use the resources on this sheet to help you find out.


Go to What Is El Niño? with your group. Read the general information about El Niño. Then do do the simple activity described on your El Niño student sheet.

Answer these questions on your El Niño student sheet once you're done with the reading:

  • What causes storms?
  • If water rising from the ocean and falling back down as precipitation is a common occurrence, why is El Niño different?
  • What causes the water to become warm?

Now you can get into the specifics of El Niño by reading about tradewinds in El Niño Events. Record how tradewinds affect El Niño on your student sheet.

Then read about Upwelling and Thermocline. You should draw diagrams of both of these as well as describe them on your student sheet.

For a fuller overview of El Niño, you can read these websites:

Use the information from these resources to create story boards, which give step-by-step explanations of how El Niño happens. You may use the diagrams of upwelling and thermocline. Follow the directions on your El Niño Storyboard student sheet to do this activity.

Knowledge Check

If your teacher decides that you should act out the forum again and you need more information for your script, you can consult these resources:

This esheet is a part of the El Niño lesson.

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