Digestive System

Digestive System Photo Credit: By William Crochot vie Wikimedia Commons


You and your class have been discussing the digestive system. Use the resources on this sheet to help you learn more about it.


Begin by going to and reading the KidsHealth's article Your Digestive System. You should go through the Digestive System slide show on the first page and explore the different parts of the system.

Once you have read these resources, go back over them but this time you should do a hands-on activity based on the reading. Use the Digestive System student sheet for this activity.

Now go to a Digestive System Activity on The Learning Site. Once at the activity, you should review what you've learned by clicking on the "Building Your System" link. Then you should study the digestive organs in more depth by clicking on the "Inside Story."

Finally, click on "Food Path." This activity depicts various foods traveling through the digestive system.

This esheet is a part of the Nutrition 1: Food and the Digestive System lesson.

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