Cracking the Genetic Code

Cracking the Genetic Code Image Credit: National Human Genome Research Institute


DNA is the material inside the nucleus of cless that carries genetic information. The entire package of genetic material for a living organism is called the genome. In trying to crack the human genetic code, the goal was to create a directory of genes that could be used to answer questions such as what specific genes do and how they work.


Read the article Genome 'Treasure Trove' to learn how the human genome has revealed a few surprises.

As directed on the student sheet, The Human Genome Project, you will write a feature article about the Human Genome Project. Visit the following websites to research and gather information to use when writing your article.

The Understanding the Human Genome Project website is a great resource for information about the Human Genome Project. If you would like a review on the basics of DNA, chromosomes, and genes, visit Genetics, DNA, and Heredity: The Basics. Otherwise, start with, The Human Genome Project: Exploring Our Molecular Selves.

Our Molecular Selves is a movie that is about 5 minutes long and provides a good overview of the Human Genome Project.

Now view the multimedia video series, How to Sequence a Genome.

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