Converting Energy

Converting Energy


In this activity, you will learn about energy and conduct an experiment to determine how much energy is needed to warm up water. To prepare for the experiment, explore the resources below to learn more about energy.


Go to Building a Better Pyramid on the Atoms Family site, to explore energy concepts presented by famous gothic horror characters. In this online activity, you will see the effects on the inside temperature of the pyramid of adding insulation to it.

Follow the directions in the activity to add the insulation. Think about answers to these questions as you are doing this activity:

  • What happens when you add one layer of insulation to the pyramid?
  • What happens when you add two layers? How about three, four, and five layers?
  • Is there a point where it doesn’t seem beneficial to add more layers?

Now go to Raceways on the Atoms Family site to explore various forms of energy. Use the materials provided by your teacher to complete the activity found on this site. You will discuss the questions found on the site with your class.

To learn more about energy, go to and read Chapter 1: Energy–What Is It?on the Energy Story site. As you read, think about answers to these questions:

  • What is “energy”?
  • Is there more than one kind of energy?
  • Can one kind of energy be changed into another?

This esheet is a part of the Converting Energy lesson.

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