Food Chain Interactives

Food Chain Interactives


Now that you have read Because of an Acorn with your teacher, you can review what you know about food chains by using the interactives you see on this sheet.


Visit Food Chains, which provides a simple description of a food chain.


With The Food Chain interactive, you can get more information about the basic parts of a food chain, including producers, consumers, and decomposers.

Knowledge Check

Now try out the interactives on these three websites.


1. Food Chain Game
This fun little game lets you progress from small food chains to a food web.


2. Build a Food Chain
Five living organisms are shown, and you should place them in order to complete the chain.


3. Food Chains (Click on the picture in the Food Chains box.)
You can create food chains in three different habitats: woodland, river, and seashore.

This esheet is a part of the Because of an Acorn lesson.

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