Bird Beaks

Bird Beaks


Living things have many different traits that can help them to survive in their habitats. Have you ever wondered how a bird’s beak can help it survive in a given environment? These activities will help you explore the relationship between a bird’s beak and its ability to live in a certain area.


Begin by viewing page 6 of Unique Beak Physique. Read the text and look at bird beaks on this page. Why is each beak type compared to a specific tool? What are some uses of the tools? Of the beaks?

Then go to Bird Beaks to further explore the purpose of a bird's beak shape. Your teacher will discuss this information with you as a class.

You can continue to explore birds and their beaks by looking at some photographs at any of these websites:

Now, take a look at the images and text in the charts of Bird Adaptations: Feet and Bird Adaptations: Beaks to learn more about how specific features help birds do specific actions. Discuss what features of the beaks and feet might make them suitable for the activities listed.

This esheet is a part of the Bird Beaks lesson.

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