The Science Behind Science Fiction

The Science Behind Science Fiction


In this activity you'll learn to identify and probe scientific ideas embodied in a prominent component of popular culture, science fiction literature.


To understand how science fiction is written and where its ideas come from, read the Douglas E. Richards Homepage. Think about these questions as you’re reading. You can write answers to these questions on The Science Behind Science Fiction student sheet.

  • Tell one thing about the author's background that you think prepared him to write the book. Give an example from the book of how that experience shows. Do this by starting a sentence with: "For example" and fill in the blank.
  • What is molecular biology?
  • Does the Internet play a role in his work when he is writing? How does it affect the science part of it?
  • What does he mean that "books aren’t written, they are rewritten?" How could that affect your own writing?

This esheet is a part of the The Prometheus Project: The Science Behind Science Fiction lesson.

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