Beauty and the Beak See, Think, Wonder


You'll use this esheet to watch a video about how wild Bald Eagles use their beaks to rip food.


Watch this video of a wild Bald Eagle ripping food using its beak.

Once you're done, your teacher will discuss this video with you and have an activity for you to do.

Watch Animal Prosthetics Help Human Amputees Move Again. Answer these questions on your Beauty and the Beak See, Think, Wonder student sheet. You'll discuss them in class:

  • In what ways did prosthetics help, or even save, some of the animals in the video?
  • In what ways could humans or animals adapt if they lost part of their body, or lost a sense that we view as essential?
  • How can technology enhance the lives of animals that might have been injured or born with an abnormality that affected their functioning?
  • In what ways does the design of the prosthetic matter in how it works for the animal?

This esheet is a part of the Beauty and the Beak lesson.

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