Antibiotic Attack

Antibiotic Attack


In this lesson, you will play an online activity that helps you learn more about the "pros and cons" of antibiotic medicines.


To get started, go to Antibiotic Attack to play the online activity that puts you in charge of giving antibiotics to patients with infections.

  • Click the "How To Play" button at the top right. Read all the instructions. When you are finished, click "Back" to return to the main screen.
  • When you are ready, click "Start" to begin treating the first patient. Within the patient's outline, small, colored squares appear. These are the germs you must get rid of.
  • To get rid of germs, click one of the buttons in the "ANTIOBIOTICS" column, then click somewhere inside the patient to "zap" the germs in that area. The antibiotic you chose will get rid of all the germs whose colors are shown in the "FIGHTS" section of the button you clicked.
  • You will have seven patients to treat. Each one has more germs than the one before!

Here are some tips for this activity:

  • Keep an eye on the TEMP meter at the top right. With each second, the patient's temperature rises. If it gets too high, the patient has to go to the hospital, and the game is over!
  • You must also keep an eye on the "SIDE EFFECTS" meter. The green bars in this meter will turn red each time you give your patient an antibiotic. If all the bars turn red, the patient has to go to the hospital, and the game is over!
  • Remember: the "SIDE EFFECTS" level rises each time you zap the patient. Try to get as many germs as possible with each zap!
  • At any time during the activity, you can click the "How To Play" button to review the rules. You also can click the "Learn More" button for more information about using antibiotics. (The clock will stop while you read!)

Here are some questions to think about as you play:

  • How do you figure out which antibiotic to use?
  • Which is better: using an antibiotic that only kills one type of germ, or using a “strong” antibiotic that kills many kinds?

After you have finished the exercise, click the "Learn More" button (if you haven't already).

Think about these questions for class discussion:

  • Why did you have to keep switching antibiotics to get rid of all the germs?
  • With any patient, did you think you’d gotten all the germs, but couldn’t go on because one or two were still there, only hidden?
  • Did you use the strongest antibiotic? What happened?
  • Did you max out on side effects?

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