Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations


Animals come in all shapes and sizes. They live in all kinds of environments, or habitats, from sandy deserts to frozen plains. Animals that have features or behaviors that are well suited to their habitats are more likely to survive in that environment.The activities on this esheet will help you learn more about how animal features and behaviors can help or hinder their survival in a particular habitat.


Begin by going to Creaturepedia on the Wild Kratts site. Once there, click on "Region." 

Once you click on "Region," a window will open that shows a map of the world. Visit the regions on the map by moving your mouse over the regions and then clicking on that region.

Once you're at a certain region, you should click on each of the creatures found in that region. You can use the information here to answer the questions that are on the Animal Adaptations student sheet that your teacher has given you.

Have fun!

Knowledge Check

Select an animal that you have studied and choose a new habitat to which you think the animal could possibly adapt. Describe in words why you think the animal might realistically survive.

Draw a picture to illustrate the animal in its new habitat. In your new habitat drawing, include the animal’s food, shelter, and highlight any physical characteristics of the animal that you think might help it survive.

Do you want to find out more about how animals live and survive in different habitats? Check out these websites:

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