Alcohol’s Effect on the Mind and Body

Alcohol’s Effect on the Mind and Body


In this lesson, you are learning about the short- and long-term effects that alcohol has on the mind and body. Your teacher will assign one of the questions from the student sheet for you to research with a partner. You can use the resources listed here to help you with your research. If you got the answer right to the question you’ve been assigned, write a paragraph explaining the issue in more detail. If you got the answer wrong, write a paragraph explaining your original thinking and how your research has changed your ideas.


To begin, go to The Science Inside Alcohol e-book. Once there, read the Home page and Introduction.

To learn how alcohol affects the body, go to these websites:

For more detailed information about the physiological effects of alcohol, consider these sites:

Be prepared to discuss your research with your class.

This esheet is a part of the Alcohol’s Effect on the Mind and Body lesson.

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