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In this series of lessons, you have been learning about how living things are classified. The activities on this esheet will further your understanding of classification by allowing you to classify plants and animals into groups based on certain characteristics.


To begin, you will play an online activity that challenges your knowledge of different plant and animal traits.

  1. Go to A Touch of Class to play the online interactive activity about classification of plants and animals.

  2. Click the "How to Play" button on the top left of the screen. Scroll down using the arrow key to read all of the instructions for the game.

  3. Now click the "Continue" button to go back to the activity. To begin playing, simply start choosing plants and/or animals that appear on the screen. Remember, the goal is to choose all of the plants and animals that fit in the category shown at the top of the screen.

  4. When you've made your final selection, click "Go" at the bottom of the screen to see your score. Once you've seen your score, click the "Continue" button at the bottom right of the screen to go to the next round. (You will go through three games, at which time a cumulative score will appear.)

  5. Once you're done playing, or at any time during the game, click on the "Learn More" button at the top right of the screen to get more information on classification. You may want to take notes on what you learn in this section and during the game so that you can answer the questions below.

  6. Then you can click "Done" and return to the E-Sheet, or "Play Again" to play another round of three games.

Answer the following questions based on the knowledge you gained from playing the interactive and reading the "Learn More" section. Depending on your teacher's instructions, you can either answer them online or using the printed student sheet Grouping Organisms.

  • What do some plants need to make their own food?
  • What living things eat insects?
  • Name some animals that fall under the mammal category.
  • What are some characteristics of mammals?
  • What birds cannot fly?
  • In what ways can animals protect themselves?
  • Can you think of any animals that do not have backbones?
  • What living thing is an arachnid but is often mistakenly classified as an insect?
  • Name an example where the same plant or animal can be classified in more than one group depending on the features of a specific group.


Knowledge Check

Now is your chance to create a classification game of your own! To do this, you should create a new “screen” similar to the activity you played online. That is, create a category (e.g., Animals that Hibernate) and 16 possible plants and animals (some that are correct answers and some that are not) from which to choose.

When done with your screen, share it with a classmate and have him/her play the game by choosing the animals and/or plants that fit into the category. Then score your classmate’s work. How did he/she do?

This esheet is a part of the Classification 2: A Touch of Class lesson.

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