July 19

Image of the Day

Earth from Afar

See that little dot just above the small arrow in the lower right corner of the picture? That's Earth and the Moon, as viewed by the Cassini-Huygens Mission spacecraft, currently orbiting Saturn, 898 million miles away. Other pictures from the same time show a more zoomed in view of the Earth and Moon together.

During the photo shoot, Cassini captured the darkened side of Saturn and the bright edge of the planet, called its limb. The planet's main rings and three of its outermost rings—F, G, and E—are also visible.

This composite picture, shot on July 19, 2013, marks only the third time an image of the Earth has been taken from the outer solar system. The feat is particularly rare because in order to capture our planet, the light from the Sun must be obscured, in this case by Saturn's bulk, during a solar eclipse.

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