March 29

2004 tsunami in Thailand. Photo Credit: David Rydevik, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo Credit: David Rydevik, Stockholm, Sweden. (Originally at Bild:Davidsvågfoto.JPG.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Science Fact

Tsunami Preparedness Week

Tsunamis are a set of ocean waves usually caused by the movement of the earth's plates deep under the ocean. These waves (sometimes incorrectly called tidal waves) can range in size from small and hardly noticeable to large waves up to 100 feet tall.

During Tsunami Preparedness Week, March 27-April 3, it's important to learn more about these monster waves and, if you live in a coastal region, to decide on a plan for how to respond should a tsunami hit your area.

Here are some resources from Science NetLinks and our Verizon Foundation partners to help you learn more about tsunamis:

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