February 09

Hockey player. Photo Credit: Clipart.com. Photo Credit: Clipart.com.

Today in Science

Winter Olympics Kick Off

Today marks the start of the 23rd Winter Olympiad, when winter athletes will compete to determine who is the best in their fields. Nearly 3,000 athletes from 92 nations will converge upon PyeongChang, South Korea, to take part in 102 events across 15 different disciplines. Competition runs through Feb. 25.

Without realizing it, athletes also will compete to see who can best make use of science. Science — be it the physics of a snowboarder's flips, the engineering of a luger's sled, or the biochemical makeup of a speed skater's pre-race meal — serves as a common strand tying the various competitors together. Science even comes into play with more negative aspects of the Games, such as the continual testing to prevent the use of illegal biochemical substances designed to boost athletes' performance.

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