October 31

jack o'lantern Photo Credit: Clipart.com

Today in Science

Spooky Science

Celebrate the science behind the scare this Halloween!

Your class can uncover the science of mummies or find out about the mummy's curse, take a closer look at skeletons, or hear about the legend of glowing wounds. Students can create monster bugs and hear about a special species of jumping spiders. Learn if spiders stick to their own webs and  about their venom. Find out about the "headless chicken monster" recently sighted near Antarctica, a giant snake from the past, a spider that's as big as your dinner plate, and some hungry pythons causing problems today. Go on a nighttime bat walk. Follow the forensic evidence to solve a mystery or hear how the old technique of leeching is still being used. Try your hand at making a mummy or check out a thousand-year graveyard! Find out what happens when NASA carves a pumpkin and learn the gory tale behind the origin of "Halloween genes!"

Also, learn how one teacher’s Halloween-inspired reading of Stella Luna led to non-traditional, interdisciplinary teaching methods.

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