October 09

Ada Lovelace Image Credit: Original watercolor portrait: Alfred Edward Chalon; Modern Graphical Treatment: Colin Adams, for the Ada Initiative; Fred the Oyster; and Kaldari [CC0] via Wikimedia Commons

Today in Science

Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, math, and all related STEM fields.

The celebration is named in honor of English mathematician Augusta Ada King (1815-1852), Countess of Lovelace, known colloquially as Ada Lovelace. Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron, is sometimes considered the world's first computer programmer for the algorithm she wrote for Charles Babbage's analytical engine, one of the world's first mechanical computers. Over the years there have been historical disagreements over the extent of Lovelace's knowledge of the subject and the originality of the work she published in her article, “Sketch of the Analytical Engine, with Notes from the Translator," but Babbage himself seemed to dismiss such future claims in his memoir.

Check out the collection Science NetLinks put together for Women's History Month for related resources to help all students understand the role women historically have played in the history of STEM development and those they play in current STEM fields.

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