April 10

ECCEROBOT Photo Credit: Kevan Davis. (Creative Commons 2.0)

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The ECCEROBOT (Embodied Cognition in a Compliantly Engineered Robot) is one of the first anthropomimetic robots. (That means its form mimics those of human beings.) It has a human-like core, complete with skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. Correctly replicating the inner structure of a human being (its joints, muscles, and bones) affrords the robot the potential for human-like action and interaction in the world.

The ECCEROBOT's skeleton is made of moldable plastic. It's muscles are made of motors, kiteline, and bungee-like cord. And its nervous system is comprised of a series of sensors, computers, microphones, and cameras.

During National Robotics Week ("RoboWeek"), which runs April 7–15, highlight some recent successes, such as ECCEROBOT, and explore some of the great ways that robotics is helping us move into the future. We may still lack a BB-8, a Baymax, a C-3PO, a Rosie, or a Data in our lives, but robotics is making huge and helpful strides forward in improving our lives in areas as diverse as medicine, astronomy, and agriculture.

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