April 25

Adelie penguins Photo Credit: Clipart.com

Today in Science

World Penguin Day

Thousands of Adélie penguins in the Antarctic begin migrating northward on or around April 25th each year in order to maximize their winter daylight hours.

Inspiring the celebration of World Penguin Day, this annual migration helps the penguins by giving them a few more hours of daylight than they would get in their more southern breeding grounds, where they spend the Antarctic summers (which correspond to our Northern Hemisphere winters). Because the Adélie penguins do not see well in the dark, this migration northward is necessary to their survival.

Of the 17 or so different species, Adélie penguins are one of two found solely in Antarctica. The rest, which all live south of the equator, can be found in Africa, Australia, and South America.

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