November 17

Illacme plenipes Photo Credit: Marek PE, Shear WA, Bond JE (2012) A redescription of the leggiest animal, the millipede Illacme plenipes, with notes on its natural history and biogeography (Diplopoda, Siphonophorida, Siphonorhinidae).
ZooKeys 241: 77–112. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.241.3831.app6 [CC-by 3.0]

Science Fact

Show Some Leg!

The leggiest animal in the world is a millipede, the lllacme plenipes, found in California. Males can have up to 562 legs, and females have up to 750. That's 375 pairs!

Understandably, one might expect such a creature to be quite lengthy, but, in fact, this millipede is surprisingly short. Females measure just slightly more than an inch long!

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