August 22

Metabolomic Eye of a Mouse Photo Credit: Bryan William Jones, Moran Eye Center, The University of Utah. Courtesy of Science Magazine and NSF.

Image of the Day

Metabolomic Eye

This beautiful set of concentric rings and shapes is actually a metabolic look at the wide diversity of cells in the eye of a mouse. In all, 70 different types of cells are depicted, from muscles to retina, each colored a unique shade. Muscle cells, located at the left edge of the image, look pale yellow, whereas scleral tissue, surrounding the entire orb, shows up green.

Taken by Bryan William Jones of the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah, this image was the first place winner in the photography category of the 2011 Visualization Challenge, now called The Vizzies. 

The contest is sponsored by Popular Science and the National Science Foundation, and entries are being accepted in five categories: photography, video, illustration, posters & graphics, and interactive, which include games & apps. The winner of each category will earn $2,000, and one People's Choice prize per category will earn $250.

Check out Jones' photo and other winning entries in a special, open-access issue of Science (then a co-sponsor) dedicated to the contest from February 2012. In addition to sharing the winners, it also includes a podcast interview of one of the judges and two of the winners and a career profile of Jeremy Friedberg, a game designer who received an honorable mention in that year's competition.

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