February 10

Iceberg B-31 Photo Credit: NASA Earth Observatory images by Holli Riebeek, using Landsat 8 data from the USGS Earth Explorer.

Image of the Day

Iceberg B-31

Iceberg B-31, a massive piece of ice the size of Singapore, broke free from land on Nov. 11, 2013. The 252-square-mile iceberg calved from Pine Island Glacier, an ice stream glacier located on Antarctica. An ice stream is a faster-moving section of ice on top of a slower-moving section of ice.

In October 2011, scientists working in the area discovered a major crack running across the glacier. At the time of discovery, the rift was 260 feet wide and 195 feet deep.

The iceberg is traveling slowly but steadily across Pine Island Bay toward Amundsen Sea. Scientists are tracking its movement.

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