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Videos for Grades K-2 Photo Credit: Clipart.com
Here you'll find all the videos in the Science NetLinks collection aimed at students in Grades K-2. With videos about ecology, biology, and earth science, you're sure to learn something new!
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  • Brood II Is Back

    K-12  |  Video
    Bob Hirshon interviews Dr. Michael Raupp, an entomologist, about the 2013 emergence of the Brood ii 17-year periodical cicadas.
  • 2011 BioBlitz BobCast 2: Endophytic Fungi

    K-12  |  Video
    In this video, AAAS's Bob Hirshon talks with a team from the University of Arizona who are hunting for fungi that spend their entire lives inside plants.
  • 2010 BioBlitz BobCast 5: Algae

    K-12  |  Video
    In this final BobCast video, we hear from a group of college students who collect and identify marine algae, better known as seaweed.
  • 2010 BioBlitz BobCast 3: Reef Trip

    K-12  |  Video
    AAAS's Bob Hirshon and a small team of volunteer “fish counters” head out on a boat trip to a turtlegrass bed and coral reef.
  • 2010 BioBlitz BobCast 1: Noon Arrival

    K-12  |  Video
    In the first of a series of live 2010 BioBlitz BobCasts, host Bob Hirshon arrives at the BioBlitz staging area and provides a short video tour of the people gathering there.
  • Why Garden for Wildlife?

    K-12  |  Video
    This video from the National Wildlife Federation follows naturalist David Mizejewski as he discusses why it's important to plan gardens with wildlife in mind.
  • Return of the Cicadas

    K-12  |  Video
    This time-lapse video takes a look at the 17-year life cycle of the magicicada.
  • Tsunamis: Know What to Do!

    K-5  |  Video
    The friendly crabs in this video will help you understand tsunamis and how to be better prepared if you're ever in a coastal tsunami area.

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