Science Xplained

Science Xplained
Science Xplained is a collection of video podcasts that tell the stories of the science behind everyday topics. Dr. Ainissa G. Ramirez, self-proclaimed science evangelist and associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at Yale University, is the dynamic host of the series.
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  • Football Physics

    6-12  |  Video
    Yale scientist Ainissa Ramirez describes the physics behind the game and what gives a football its speed, drag and spin in this video.
  • The Titanic's Metal Mysteries

    6-12  |  Video
    In this video, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez demonstrates how the metal rivets that held the Titanic together became brittle in the frigid waters and broke apart on impact with the iceberg.
  • Topspin Doctor: How Physics Serves Tennis

    3-12  |  Video
    In this segment of Science XPlained, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez discusses how the strings in a tennis racket--often made of synthetic or natural materials--make the important topspin shot possible.
  • The (Bubble) Wrap on Football Helmets

    6-12  |  Video
    Using an egg and bubble wrap, Ainissa Ramirez shows how football helmets are designed to reduce skull fractures, but are poor at preventing brain injuries (or concussions).
  • Ice Cream Chemistry

    6-12  |  Video
    Ainissa Ramirez demonstrates how to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen, describes why cold temperatures makes ice cream creamier, and shows how an understanding of ice cream helps us with avalanches.
  • Spidey Sense

    6-12  |  Video
    Ainissa Ramirez describes the science behind spiders making webs and walking on walls, which engineers hope will lead to materials that are bulletproof and robots that can climb the side of a building.
  • Fun Ferrofluids

    6-12  |  Video
    Ainissa Ramirez shows how ferrofluids, which are iron particles floating in a liquid, make weird shapes and increase in viscosity when a magnet is nearby.

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