Science NetLinks Staff Picks, Grades 9-12

Science NetLinks Staff Picks, Grades 9-12 Photo Credit: Clipart.com
Looking for something new? The Science NetLinks staff is happy to recommend some of our favorite resources for the high school classroom. We hope you enjoy.
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  • Green Roof Design

    Green Roof Design

    In this student-centered learning model, students work collaboratively in small teams to design a heat- and water-conserving “green roof” of plant material for an urban apartment building.
  • Immigration


    In this lesson, students will explore some of the effects that immigration in the United States has had on immigrants and American society as a whole.
  • The Invisible Kingdom

    The Invisible Kingdom

    9-12  |  Video
    This lesson helps students develop an understanding of the characteristics and diversity of microbial life.
  • A Mendel Seminar

    A Mendel Seminar

    In this lesson, students learn about Gregor Mendel's discovery of a process of biological evolution: how recessive and dominant traits are passed on.
  • Variation in Human Skin Color

    Variation in Human Skin Color

    In this lesson, students explore the factors that control variation in human skin color and the implications of this information for human society.
  • The Wild Trees

    The Wild Trees

    9-12  |  Audio
    This lesson addresses the diversity of scientific research in the context of the story of how researchers learned about the giant redwoods in Northwestern California.


  • Cell Size and Scale

    Cell Size and Scale

    6-12  |  Interactive
    This simple interactive from the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center gives you the opportunity to see how various small things compare to one another.
  • From Cell to DNA

    From Cell to DNA

    9-12  |  Interactive
    This animation takes you through a tour of a typical human cell, moving from larger to smaller cell structures (i.e., from nucleus to chromosomes to DNA strands and their bases).
  • Gravity Launch

    Gravity Launch

    3-12  |  Interactive
    Gravity Launch is an interactive activity that allows you to virtually launch a rocket into space to see how the force of gravity can pull an object toward the earth and moon.
  • Oil Refining: A Closer Look

    Oil Refining: A Closer Look

    9-12  |  Video
    This resource contains a video and an interactive explaining how petroleum was formed and how it is processed.
  • Science Update Podcasts

    Science Update Podcasts

    6-12  |  Audio
    These daily, 60-second radio features cover the latest discoveries in science, technology, and medicine.
  • SCI: Skin Cancer Investigation

    SCI: Skin Cancer Investigation

    6-12  |  Interactive
    This interactive gives students the opportunity to learn about skin cancer diagnosis and prevention.
  • The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers

    The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers

    6-12  |  Video
    From the makers of NOVA, every two weeks, Secret Life premieres another set of videos about a new scientist or engineer, who happens to have a secret.

Science Updates

  • Asparagus Odor

    Asparagus Odor

    6-12  |  Audio
    Chances are there's a kind of food you like that at least one friend finds disgusting, and vice versa. The same goes for smells. And while many factors undoubtedly affect our personal tastes, this Science Update examines how scientists are learning that things simply smell and taste different to different people.
  • Gecko Feet

    Gecko Feet

    6-12  |  Audio
    This Science Update explains how scientists are trying to create artificial microfibers that act like gecko feet.
  • Modern Leeching

    Modern Leeching

    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, hear why leeches are still used in hospitals today.
  • Thinnest Material

    Thinnest Material

    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, learn about the world's thinnest material was created using nanotechnology.
  • Vibrating Insoles

    Vibrating Insoles

    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, learn how vibrating insoles could help seniors keep their balance.
  • Wheelchairs


    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, hear how exchanging technology with some of the world's poorest countries is helping to build better wheelchairs.

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