Inventing Green

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With support from the Lemelson Foundation, this collection offers an introduction to invention education, with an emphasis on thinking critically about environmental implications.

Aspiring to educate the next generation of inventors to be environmentally aware and responsible, these resources offer a framework, teaching strategies, and student activities related to innovation and engineering, with suggestions for considering environmental implications during the invention process.

These Science NetLinks resources provide a variety of hands-on and digital learning experiences to help students learn more about invention, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.
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  • Lemelson-MIT Program

    Lemelson-MIT Program

    K-12  |  Website
    The Lemelson-MIT Program celebrates outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention.
  • Books about Invention and Innovation

    Books about Invention and Innovation

    3-12  |  Teaching Aid
    This list of engaging books for all ages, compiled by the editors of SB&F, centers on the theme of invention and innovation.
  • Bringing Invention Education into the Classroom Webinar

    Bringing Invention Education into the Classroom Webinar

    6-12  |  Video
    A recording of the Science NetLinks webinar from January 26, 2017, in which we discuss our new inventing green resources and ways to challenge students with invention education with AAAS's Bob Hirshon and STEAM educators Doug Scott and Kristin Moon.


  • Inventing Green

    6-12  |  Video
    Find out what inventing green means in this video from Science NetLinks. Hear from current inventors and learn about other green products, technology, and techniques.



  • Inventors and Inventions

    Inventors and Inventions

    Learn about groundbreaking creations and the inventors and innovators who helped to shape the world as we know it.

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The Lemelson Foundation
Based in Portland, The Lemelson Foundation uses the power of invention to improve lives. Inspired by the belief that invention can solve many of the biggest economic and social challenges of our time, the Foundation helps the next generation of inventors and invention-based businesses to flourish. The Lemelson Foundation was established in the early 1990s by prolific inventor Jerome Lemelson and his wife Dorothy. To date the Foundation has made grants totaling over $200 million in support of its mission. For more information, visit http://lemelson.org.

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