Hurricane season is upon us. The Pacific hurricane season began May 15, while the hurricane season in the Atlantic began June 1. The season continues through November 30. This collection of Science NetLinks lessons and resources will help teachers and students learn more about hurricanes, wind, and other weather.
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  • Hurricanes 1: The Science of Hurricanes

    Hurricanes 1: The Science of Hurricanes

    3-5  |  Video
    This lesson introduces students to the science of hurricanes in an effort to highlight how forces change the speed and direction of motion.
  • Properties of Air

    Properties of Air

    3-5  |  Hands-On
    This lesson demonstrates that air takes up space, and puts pressure, or pushes, on everything around it.
  • Air Masses

    Air Masses

    In this lesson, students develop an understanding of air masses and the role they play in weather and climate.


  • Animated guide: Hurricanes

    Animated guide: Hurricanes

    3-8  |  Website
    Animated guides: Hurricanes is one of three animated guides to the world’s most devastating phenomena found on the BBC website.

Science Updates

  • Adaptive Happiness

    Adaptive Happiness

    6-12  |  Audio
    This Science Update examines how Hurricane Katrina survivors got over the trauma of the hurricane surprisingly quickly.
  • Hurricanes


    6-12  |  Audio
    Hurricanes cycle through long periods of high and low activity.
  • Katrina Mental Health

    Katrina Mental Health

    6-12  |  Audio
    This Science Update looks at the mental health of victims of hurricane Katrina.
  • Cyclone Drift

    Cyclone Drift

    6-12  |  Audio
    Cyclones have been peaking in intensity closer and closer to the poles over the last 30 years.



  • The Science of Weather

    The Science of Weather

    This collection focuses on different types of weather and the natural forces that cause them.

Other Resources

Forces of Nature: Hurricanes
Grade Band: K-12
Description: This National Geographic site offers information about hurricanes and some of the most costly in U.S. history.

Hurricane: Storm Science
Grade Band: K-5
Description: The Miami Museum of Science offers a student-friendly site for exploring various aspects of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

National Hurricane Center
Grade Band: K-12
Description: The National Hurricane Center tracks hurricanes and provides up-to-the-minute information about tropical storms.

Grade Band: 6-12
Description: This BBC GCSE Bitesize resource offers students a background primer on hurricanes with useful graphics.

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