Climate Change

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This collection of resources helps you explore the ideas of global climate change, greenhouse gases, sustainability, and resource conservation in your classroom and beyond.
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  • Just Turn It Off

    Just Turn It Off

    K-2  |  Hands-On
    In this lesson, students will probe the problem of what happens to a battery-operated flashlight when it is not turned off.
  • Energy Sources and Use

    Energy Sources and Use

    3-5  |  Hands-On
    In this lesson, students distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy while comparing the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  • The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

    The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

    3-5  |  Video
    This lesson should help students understand both the physical forces behind climate change, and the social responses to it as a means to preserve the health of people, the state of cities, island nations, and organisms.
  • Power Up!

    Power Up!

    3-5  |  Interactive
    In this lesson, students compare and contrast different energy sources and the trade-offs of using them.
  • Energy for You

    Energy for You

    In this lesson, students will learn about the sources of the energy that supply their community.
  • Grasslands and Climate Change

    Grasslands and Climate Change

    6-8  |  Video
    This lesson provides students with an opportunity to explore the climate change concept in greater depth.
  • Renewable Energy Sources

    Renewable Energy Sources

    6-8  |  Website
    In this lesson, students will use Internet resources to investigate renewable sources of energy.
  • Abrupt Climate Change

    Abrupt Climate Change

    In this lesson, students explore how scientific knowledge changes in the context of abrupt climate change.
  • Green Roof Design

    Green Roof Design

    In this student-centered learning model, students work collaboratively in small teams to design a heat- and water-conserving “green roof” of plant material for an urban apartment building.


  • Going Green: An Earth Day Bibliography

    Going Green: An Earth Day Bibliography

    K-12  |  Teaching Aid
    SB&F has put together a list of our top environmental books to help the consumer make informed, eco-friendly choices and to encourage children to take an active role in saving the environment.
  • NASA's Climate Kids

    NASA's Climate Kids

    K-8  |  Video
    NASA's climate change site for kids asks and answers important questions relating to climate change as well as providing entertaining career insights, online games, videos, and hands-on activities.
  • Power Up!

    Power Up!

    3-8  |  Interactive
    This interactive challenges students to think about the positive and negative consequences of various types of power.
  • Project BudBurst App

    Project BudBurst App

    6-12  |  Interactive
    Project BudBurst is part of a citizen science program designed to encourage local participation in a national research effort.
  • WeatherSchool @ AAAS

    WeatherSchool @ AAAS

    6-8  |  Interactive
    Explore how different factors work together to produce both your local community's day-to-day weather and the overall climate for your region of the world.
  • What We Know

    What We Know

    9-12  |  Video
    What We Know is an assessment of current climate science and impacts that emphasizes the need to understand and recognize possible high-risk scenarios.

Science Updates

  • Ascending Plants

    Ascending Plants

    6-12  |  Audio
    As climate change heats up the world's ecosystems, many species of plants and animals, from songbirds to whales, are leaving their time-tested home ecosystems for uncharted territory. This Science Update looks at how some plants are changing altitude to find a cooler place to live.
  • Carbon Emissions

    Carbon Emissions

    6-12  |  Audio
    Carbon gases are prime culprits in global warming. One study suggests we're making even more of them than we thought. You can learn why in this Science Update.
  • Changing Oceans

    Changing Oceans

    6-12  |  Audio
    According to a landmark study in the journal Science, climate change is transforming the world's oceans, at a potentially huge cost. You'll hear more about it in this Science Update.
  • Climate and Conflict

    Climate and Conflict

    6-12  |  Audio
    Climate change may precipitate violence, according to a historical analysis.
  • Climate Change & Conflict

    Climate Change & Conflict

    6-12  |  Audio
    Earth’s changing climate may already be playing a role in today’s conflicts.
  • Early Climate Change

    Early Climate Change

    6-12  |  Audio
    Human activities like farming have contributed some amount of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere for ages
  • Fossil Fuel Switch

    Fossil Fuel Switch

    6-12  |  Audio
    Learn about a thirty-year plan to replace 70 percent of our fossil fuels, using only current technologies like storable solar power, safer nuclear plants, and methanol from crop waste.
  • Mountain Rain

    Mountain Rain

    6-12  |  Audio
    This Science Update explores why pollution from cities could dry out nearby mountains.
  • Nitrogen Pollution

    Nitrogen Pollution

    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, learn why human sources of nitrogen may be just as environmentally costly as carbon emissions.
  • Siberian Permafrost

    Siberian Permafrost

    6-12  |  Audio
    Once the Earth warms to a critical temperature, permafrost in Siberia will melt, releasing massive amounts of carbon.
  • Soil & Global Warming

    Soil & Global Warming

    6-12  |  Audio
    One of the biggest environmental worries is global warming, which is caused by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. In this Science Update, you'll hear how dirt might help fight it.
  • Thoreau's Plants

    Thoreau's Plants

    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, hear how researches are using Henry David Thoreau's plant journals to study climate change.



  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

    This collection of Science NetLinks lessons and resources will help teachers and students prepare for the celebration of Earth Day.
  • Inventing Green

    Inventing Green

    With support from the Lemelson Foundation, this collection offers an introduction to invention education, with an emphasis on thinking critically about environmental implications.
  • The Science of Weather

    The Science of Weather

    This collection focuses on different types of weather and the natural forces that cause them.
  • Earth Hour

    Earth Hour

    These resources help students explore the ideas of light pollution, energy conservation, and global climate change in your classroom and beyond.

AAAS Resources

AAAS Climate Change Resources
Grade Band: 6-12
Description: AAAS is one of the scientific leaders on the issue of global climate change. Background materials on AAAS efforts related to climate change and links to relevant resources are provided here.

The Science of the Ozone Layer
Grade Band: 6-12
Description: A blog post from Science NetLinks explores the crucial role the ozone layer plays in protecting the earth and why its preservation is considered a successful example of international scientific diplomacy.

Other Resources

A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change
Grade Band: 6-8
Description: Created by the EPA, these seven lesson plans offer hands-on learning on topics ranging from the impact on rising C0₂ levels on corals to mapping greenhouse gases locally to using tree rings as a historical guide to climate change.

Green Living
Grade Band: 6-12
Description: This Danish site rose out of the U.N. Climate Change Conference being held in Copenhagen in 2009. Information about the nation's quest for independence from fossil fuels can be found here.

Grade Band: 9-12
Description: The U.S. Global Change Research Program is the governmental office commissioned with explaining how we understand, assess, predict, and respond to human-induced and natural processes of global change. Their site offers comprehensive reports, infographics, images, and plain-language explanations of climate change and the research around it. Educators will find a section devoted specifically to their needs under the Browse tab. The FAQ, found under the Explore tab, is also may be useful.

Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet
Grade Band: 9-12
Description: NASA created this site to provide the public with accurate and timely news and information about Earth’s changing climate, along with current data and visualizations obtained from satellites and other NASA resources.

U.N. and Climate Change
Grade Band: 6-12
Description: The Secretary-General of the United Nations has called climate change the "greatest collective challenge facing humankind today" as well as "greatest opportunity for common progress towards a sustainable future." Nearly 40 U.N. agencies and programs focus in some part on climate change, and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change regularly analyzes and releases a summary of current international scientific thought on related issues

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