The Atom and Nuclear Science

The Atom and Nuclear Science Photo Credit: Clipart.com.

While most people know that nuclear science is involved in power production and defense, it is also part of agriculture, space exploration, and medicine. Nuclear science—with all its complexities—egins simply enough with the atom. Encourage your students to become well-rounded and informed on both the positive and negative aspects of nuclear science as they learn more about this building block and how manipulating its nucleus lends itself to a wide variety of scientific endeavors.

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  • Atom Builder

    Atom Builder

    9-12  |  Interactive
    In this activity from A Science Odyssey on the PBS site, you have a chance to build a carbon atom.
  • Energy Time Machine

    Energy Time Machine

    6-12  |  Interactive
    The Energy Time Machine is a site that presents the history of energy from 500,000 BCE (Before the Common Era) up to 2006.
  • Molecules App

    Molecules App

    9-12  |  Interactive
    Molecules is a free application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that allows you to view three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulate them using your fingers.
  • Peering Inside the Body

    Peering Inside the Body

    6-12  |  Interactive
    This site describes the sophisticated tools and techniques used in medical imaging including the PET scan, X ray, angiography, ultrasound, and CT Scan.
  • Power Up!

    Power Up!

    3-8  |  Interactive
    This interactive challenges students to think about the positive and negative consequences of various types of power.

Science Updates

  • Astronaut Health Risks

    Astronaut Health Risks

    6-12  |  Audio
    Astronauts on long-term space missions may face health risks that their predecessors didn't have to worry about. These Science Update reports describe two of them.
  • Fossil Fuel Switch

    Fossil Fuel Switch

    6-12  |  Audio
    Learn about a thirty-year plan to replace 70 percent of our fossil fuels, using only current technologies like storable solar power, safer nuclear plants, and methanol from crop waste.
  • Feather Analysis

    Feather Analysis

    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, you'll hear about a new technique for tracking birds.
  • Pushing Atoms

    Pushing Atoms

    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, learn how scientists have calculated the force it takes to move one atom.
  • Zeolites


    6-12  |  Audio
    In this Science Update, hear how scientists are creating new ways to separate toxic waste and dangerous chemicals from the environment.


  • A Smaller, Faster, Cheaper Route to Fusion Energy

    9-12  |  Video
    Fusion has the potential to be the perfect energy source—safe, clean, and limitless—but scientists are struggling to make it work. Now a change of shape may turn the mainstream reactor design, known as a tokamak, into something simpler, faster, and cheaper.

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