White House Student Film Festival: The Results

In January, we introduced you to the first-ever White House Student Film Festival, which challenged K–12 students to create their own videos showing what technology in education means to them. After thousands of entries and a special White House filmmakers' reception, the winners have been announced!

Sixteen videos created by students across the country have been selected as winners. No two videos are alike: there are those that showcase multimedia technology at their schools and the dreams of young filmmakers; original music videos about the uses of technology and creative stop-motion films. There are also some highly thought-provoking films about technology that could exist in the future and some inspirational ones about how technology allows students to virtually cross international borders. Two films also address how using technology in schools can greatly aid students with disabilities and special needs.

Congratulations to the winners, and we hope you're inspired by these incredible multimedia projects! Take a look at the winning videos here

Image credit: Clipart.com


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