Upcoming Webinar on STEM Apps

Upcoming Live Webinar:

"This Isn't Rocket Science: How to Incorporate STEM Apps
in Your Classroom"

with Kirstin Fearnley and Renee Stockdale-Homick from Science NetLinks

May 13 @ 4 p.m. EDT


Webinar: http://iste.adobeconnect.com/vils2012/
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Dial: 866-615-5721   Code: 7311493


Join the Science NetLinks team for an up close and personal look at their new science app, Gravity Launch. You can get the inside look at how the app was developed, how it can be used in the classroom to engage your students, and how it and other STEM apps can be incorporated into your instruction. You will also be invited to share your favorite STEM apps.

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Renee Stockdale-Homick and Kirstin Fearnley have 25 years of experience between them working on science education projects at AAAS.



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