There’s An App for That: Science NetLinks Highlights Apps for Education

Mobile apps designed for education can provide educators and students with unique, interactive ways to teach and learn. The huge number of apps available for smartphones and tablet computers can seem like a promising resource, but it can be overwhelming to navigate! Never fear, Science NetLinks can help you get started: check out our new collection, Science Apps, for recommendations for science, technology, engineering, and math-related mobile apps.

Because education apps are a pretty new development, they’re still being integrated into classrooms and curriculums. Education Week takes a look at this new technology in “Mobile Apps for Educators Evolving” and discusses the challenges in developing them and implementing them in education.

Finally, it’s not just K-12 science educators who are using mobile apps: computer news website Macworld’s article “How the iPad helps scientists do their jobs” explores how science researchers use mobile apps to gather data and do research while in the field or the lab. Whether you’re learning in the classroom or doing groundbreaking research, mobile apps have something to offer every person in science.


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