#stemCCchat: Join us on Twitter on September 24

You're invited! Join us on Twitter on September 24 at 8pm Eastern when we'll be hosting a chat about science education and the Common Core. We've assembled a group of panelists that includes science writers, education professionals, and scientists to be a part of the conversation, but we'd like to invite our readers to participate or follow along as well. Learn about our panelists here.

When the chat starts, head to our Twitter page @sciencenetlinks. Or search all of Twitter for tweets tagged with (or tag your own tweets with) #stemCCchat to be a part of the conversation. We’ll be sharing our perspectives, recommending resources, and discussing teaching methods and best practices with a focus on STEM and the Common Core.

Not sure where to begin? Check out these helpful resources for some pointers: the basics of Twitter, a Twitter cheat sheet for educators, and the What is a Twitter chat? Q&A.

Until then, check out our new STEM and the Common Core collection of resources.

See you on Twitter!

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