Spellbound: Video Series from the American Chemical Society

The road to a Nobel Prize began for one scientist in elementary school when his father placed a sign on his bedroom door proclaiming him to be a “doctor.” This is just one of the many experiences that helped launch the careers of scientists from diverse backgrounds who are featured in a new American Chemical Society (ACS) video series called Spellbound: How Kids Became Scientists. The video series tells the story of scientists whose childhood curiosity about everyday things helped them launch careers in the lab, win Nobel Prizes, and make other achievements. Their curiosity, mentors, role models, and other early childhood experiences may point to approaches that can be used today, and tomorrow, in encouraging young people into careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Spellbound: How Kids Became Scientists  features the following 8 episodes:

ACS has developed the videos for use with in formal and informal settings, with K-12 students as well as general adult audiences, specifically parents and teachers. To facilitate classroom use, each video has an accompanying activity and worksheet. All videos are available for free on the website or through iTunes or YouTube.

Learn more about the Nobel Prize with the Science NetLinks tool, Nobelprize.org.

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