Show Your Support on Teacher Appreciation Day

Thank a teacher to show your support this Teacher Appreciation Day! Celebrated at the beginning of May, this day was originally proposed to the U.S. Congress by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1953 to create a way to commemorate the work that educators do.

We at Science NetLinks would like to thank each and every teacher for the important work they do in educating our youth. We're proud to be the supporters and partners of educators.

Learn more about teachers and their work with these statistics:

  • There are about 3.7 million K-12 teachers in the United States. About 76% of them are women.
  • Though 52% of teachers have a master's degree or higher, compensation lags behind other fields.
  • More than 92% of teachers report spending their own money on classroom and teaching supplies. The average was $450 per teacher per year.
  • 88% of teachers agree that the benefits of teaching outweigh the challenges.

What do you think of these statistics on teachers and education? Do they reflect your experience?

Sources: National Center for Education Statistics (1, 2); National Education Association; Scholastic Primary Sources study

Image credit: Clipart.com


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