Science NetLinks Thanks our Teacher Contributors

May 7–13 is Teacher Appreciation Week 2017, a time for acknowledging publicly the important role educators play in our lives and in the lives of our students.

As you know, Science NetLinks serves as an educational resource, with a large part of our target audience made up of teachers. Without your use of our site and lessons, there would be no reason for us to exist. So thank you for making the time to visit, for alerting us when links are broken, and for sharing your tips and feedback on how you use our resources and how other educators might consider adapting things for their classroom.

Did you know that in addition to having teachers as our audience, we also use them as contributors to the site itself? Nearly every lesson on our site has been reviewed by at least one educator to make sure our resources are age appropriate and classroom friendly. (They're also each reviewed by scientists to make sure the content is accurate.) Teachers have also served as advisors when we've created apps and on programs such as the Inventing Green Project, and some even write lesson plans and tool reviews for us. Without the educators who contribute to our site, Science NetLinks would be a far poorer place to visit. We are truly grateful for the contributions of past educators, as well as those who have helped us in recent years:

  • Gabriel Ayyavoo
  • Bill Bechtel
  • Anne Brataas
  • David Brock
  • Sue Brown
  • Bob Burchell
  • Tim Gerber
  • Maureen Heikkila
  • Jameela Jafri
  • Kristin Moon
  • Maureen Smith
  • Doug Scott

Thank you all so very much. (And if we've accidentally left any of you off, please let us know so we can add you to the list!)



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