Science NetLinks at NSTA Conference!

Science NetLinks is showing off its new look and all its resources at the 2012 NSTA National Conference in Indianapolis. We're stiring up lots of excitement talking to teachers about our resources and the Thinkfinity Community. Who knew that our giveaway would be such a sensation once people figured out what it was? Teachers are grabbing them up! Anyone have a guess as to what they are? (see next pic)

Check out the Science NetLinks booth.

Sarah and I had a blast checking out some of the other exhibitors...

Sarah holding a Giant African Millipede from savenature.org.


Suzanne holding a Great Thorny Phasmid.

The Eastern Screech-Owl hangs out in the trees, but with such great camouflage, you may not be able to find him.

The Roseate Spoonbill, found in southern coastal regious of North America, is a beautiful bird in shades of white, pink, and red. Its spoon-shaped beak is great for catching food in water.


The baby alligator and penguins seemed pretty relaxed even with many admirers.



It was a great first day and we look forward to tomorrow!


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