Mysteries of Canine Science Explained

For science learning inspiration, look no further than your family pet! Do you know why dogs stink when they're wet? Or how many smell receptors they have? The video, below, from the American Chemical Society delves into these and other surprising facts about canine chemistry.

Check out Science NetLinks' very own set of dog-related science learning resources. The Beagle Brigade, a lesson for middle grades, introduces students to working dogs whose superb sense of smell makes them of use to humans. Pets: Oh Behave, also for middle grades, covers learned and innate animal behaviors.

Our extensive library of Science Update podcasts is where you'll find Dogs and their Owners, Cancer-Sniffing Dogs, Dog Breeds, and Domestication Syndrome. You can even hear whether scientists think that a robotic dog could be a viable option someday for folks who can't own or care for a live pet.

Science has a special collection on Dogs: Scientist's Best Friend that explores some of the latest research on canines and includes a quiz and some very cute pictures.

Has a family pet inspired you to learn anything new about science?

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