Live from BioBlitz 2014 with Bob Hirshon

Greetings, nature lovers!

I'm in the San Francisco area for the 8th Annual BioBlitz, at Golden Gate National Parks, which cover 80,000 acres of land and include 91 miles of shoreline. This year, the event will run from Friday, March 28 through Saturday, March 29th.

Presented by National Geographic and the National Park Service, the annual BioBlitz is a 24-hour species inventory at which hundreds of scientists and thousands of members of the public gather to count species and focus attention on the natural wonders of our national parks. It's all part of a ten-year celebration of the upcoming centenary of the U.S. National Park Service in 2016.

If you're in the San Francisco area, you can find the program here and come visit us.

Even better, conduct your own BioBlitz wherever you are, by getting outdoors and cataloging as many kinds of living things as you can—in your backyard, a local park, even your schoolyard!

You can use a notebook, pen, camera, and sketchpad to document what you collect. Or you can use Active Explorer, our mobile app and website. Educators and students can download Active Explorer from the iTunes Apple Store onto their iPads.

Then go to the Active Explorer website and create a free account. Then you can enter the Quest Gallery and join My BioBlitz. When you enter the Active Explorer app on your iPad, the instructions for the My Bioblitz Quest will then be available on your iPad, along with all the tools you need to complete it!

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