The Last Reef

Today the Science NetLinks team and other AAAS employees had the privilege of watching a preview screening of The Last Reef, Cities Beneath the Sea and hearing from the directors, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas.

This film was created for IMAX theaters and produced in 3D. The up-close view and accompanying music take you on an amazing journey through some of the world’s last coral reefs. You’re provided with a visual description of how the reefs function, why they are important, and why they are disappearing. The main issue -- acidification. “With 300 tons of anthropogenic COdissolving into the sea every second, coral, shell and bone is beginning to crumble as our oceans become more acidic.” (1) The overload of COis throwing off the PH balance, which in turn disrupts the ideal environment for the coral reef and its inhabitants.

If you have the opportunity, go see this movie or, at the very least, watch the preview and learn more about why the coral reefs are disappearing and what can be done to help stop the destruction.

Here are a couple resources to help bring this topic into your classroom:



(1)    The Last Reef Website, http://www.thelastreef.co.uk/ocean-acidification/


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