Introducing a New Mobile Learning App, Active Explorer!

Introducing a new free mobile learning app from AAAS, Active Explorer! We're excited to unveil this fantastic teaching tool, so join us for an informational webinar on April 9 (this coming Wednesday!) at 7pm ET. After you sign up, you'll receive instructions via email on how to attend the webinar.

Active Explorer consists of a mobile app and a connected website that guide students through the process of data collection, research, and presenting findings. Educators create Quests, which are lists of tasks to complete or information to collect. Students then join these Quests on their mobile devices and complete the tasks using the tools in the Active Explorer app: they can take notes, draw on a sketchpad, record photos or video or audio, or create charts. Once their Quest is completed, students upload the information they've collected onto the Active Explorer website to create posters and presentations to showcase their findings.

The app is not just for the classroom, though—kids and educators of all kinds can use Active Explorer for formal or informal learning. We're excited to see what uses you find for the app! So be sure to join us on Wednesday, April 9 at 7pm ET for the introductory Active Explorer webinar.

Download Active Explorer here.


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