Introducing Classify It! Science NetLinks' New Free App

Introducing the latest free mobile learning app from Science NetLinks — Classify It!

Does your budding biologist know the differences between a dolphin and a shark? How about the similarities between poison ivy and a firefly? Test their knowledge with Classify It!, a new app from AAAS Science NetLinks that teaches kids about the different ways organisms can be sorted and grouped. Classify It!, available for both iOS and Android devices, asks players to correctly identify which of the game’s 70 organisms belong in various groups, such as living things that can fly or organisms that have poison or venom. Users proceed through the app’s 30 levels to earn special Creature Cards, which offer photos and trivia about some of the organisms featured in the game, from a paramecium to a Venus flytrap to a polar bear. Additional cards are available through the fast-paced bonus rounds.

Aimed at upper elementary and middle school students, the app is appropriate both for at-home play use and to support classroom learning in biology.

Download Classify It! today on your mobile device for free! 


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