Gravity Launch: The App

Science NetLinks is excited to report that the Gravity Launch app is now available for download for the iPad and Android-based tablets. Inspired by the popular pc-based interactive, this is the first app to be developed by the Science NetLinks team.

The app places you in the role of a space pilot. After successfully launching a rocket from earth and subsequently landing it on the moon, you'll be able to play games of varying difficulty that require you to overcome the force of gravity in order to dock with one or more space stations. Players use on-screen dials to control their launch point and the amount of thrust they need to complete each task.

The app includes a set of games for two-player, head-to-head races and for free play, as well as the ability to customize colors. It also has the capacity for multiple users to set up individual accounts on the same device.

Science NetLinks has created an educational tool to help you get started using the Gravity Launch app. The app could also be used with the Science NetLinks lesson (grades 3-5) and afterschool activity (grades 5-7) that were prepared for the pc-based version of the Gravity Launch game.

Gravity Launch was originally designed as part of the kids' online science club, Kinetic City.

Download the app today and let us know what you think. Safe flying!


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