Gift Ideas for the Scientist in Your Life

I recently came across an article that I thought would be fun to share with our Science NetLinks and Thinkfinity users. This is not your standard K-12 science classroom resource helping students learn about molecules or anatomy, but it's useful just the same.

Are you struggling for gift ideas for that scientist in your life? Or perhaps you're the scientist who needs to share a wish list with family and friends? Well, the following article from io9 has some great ideas for you. Whether its beaker/test tube soap or screen prints of the brain, you'll be sure to find just the right present for that investigative, research-based, techy-guru, loved one in your life.

Read about all the gift ideas for mad scientists, including kids, here.

Do you have other gift ideas to add?  Leave a comment or join the discussion in the All About Science community!

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There will be a two-part series in USA Today about science gifts for kids that will run on Monday and Tuesday, December 12th and 13th.

The reporter interviewed me for it. Rather than talk about specific items, I talked about a dozen or so categories of things that would be inspiring and encouraging.

We'll see what she made of it!



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