Get Outside with Great Outdoors Month

June is National Great Outdoors Month as designated by a Presidential Proclamation. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the beginning of the summer and get outside! It's a perfect time to explore a famous national environmental landmark or just what's in your own backyard or neighborhood park. Check out the ideas and resources that the EPA and Recreation.gov have for this month, as well as those of the National Wildlife Federation.

Science NetLinks also has a number of resources to get you ready for your outdoor adventure. Our hands-on activities like Investigating Local Ecosystems, Pond Life, and Life in a Drop of Pond Water are great places to start planning. Apps like Leafsnap and Project Noah on your mobile device can help you explore your surroundings in even greater detail, while the BioBlitz and Celebrating Our National Parks Collections have even more resources for you to use. Finally, check out Science Books & Films' Get Outdoors! bibliography for a list of recommended books about the great outdoors for all ages.

Have a fantastic Great Outdoors Month! 

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