Get Connected with Connected Educator Month 2013

This year's Connected Educator Month kicks off October 1! Hosted by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology, CEM is a great online professional development opportunity for educators looking to use digital tools to enhance their teaching. Throughout the month of October, there will be dozens of events and individual activities that participants can join.

To get started, sign up for the CEM newsletter. Then download the CEM Starter Kit, a detailed guide that introduces readers to one new digital teaching tool or technique for every day in October. This is an especially helpful resource for educators who aren't as familiar with the tools that are out there, and could use a gentle introduction to the world of educational technology. By following along with the Starter Kit calendar, educators will be introduced to the basics of important online tools like Twitter, YouTube, Wikis, blogging, and more.

Another important component of CEM is the Events Calendar, a great way to find e-courses, projects, online conferences, and webinars about educational technology geared toward educators. Many of the events on the calendar rely on technology that is introduced in the CEM Starter Kit as well.

Since educational technology is a big part of what Science NetLinks does, we're excited about Connected Educator Month and hope our readers are too. If you're interested in participating, be sure to watch this video interview with educators. Then join other connected educators on this Thinkfinity discussion and share how you're planning to participate in CEM.

Image credit: U.S. Department of Education


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