Geography Awareness Week

Uncover an “Adventure in Your Community” this November 13-19, during Geography Awareness Week!

Created in 1987 as a way to encourage students and families to embrace the broad field of geography, the week-long celebration aims to raise awareness of geography near and far. This year, encourage your class to take on a “mission” to uncover the excitement and mystery right outside their door. Organizers hope that as students learn to use geographic principles and perspectives to examine the places where they live in a new way, they will find the adventure in their own communities.

Students can investigate a local ecosystem and explore some of the ways animals and plants depend on each other or learn about biodiversity by looking at the amazing variety of life around them. Conduct your own bioblitz! Have students think about all the ways the nearby landscape was formed or how local weather is connected with weather all around the world

Photo Credit: Clipart.com


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